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Challenging our Students Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Our Academy offers a variety of testing and other assessment tools to ensure that students are learning important skills and concepts. We are also committed to ensuring that students learn to evaluate their own work using rubrics and portfolio assessment.

SAT and ACT exams are also available. A letter from the Academic Director is sent out to alert parents to possible testing dates and fully explains the process of registering students for these important college entrance exams. We also offer a math and testing strategies course to help students prepare to take the exams. We encourage parents to purchase the online preparation course as well and provide time for students to study online during the regular school day. This information is included in the periodic reminders sent to parents from the Academic Director.

Career Dimensions is a web-based career and college planning program available to all students at the Academy and may be accessed even after students have graduated. When a student is ready to begin using the program, they will be given a username and password, which they may share with their parents. Links to careers, video, and colleges and universities across the country are available for exploration by the students and parents. This tool is very useful for identifying potential post-high school opportunities..

When parents are in agreement, all college applications may be completed at the Academy and supervised by teachers and the Academic Director. Parents may review and comment on application essays and approve the applications for admission via e-mail.


Having the combination of traditional classroom settings as well as self-paced individualized curriculum allows students to accurately prepare for the college experience. In college you rarely have parents, teachers, or personal proctors reminding you to complete homework, study for tests, or be prepared for class. Having our curriculum be self-paced with guides along the way enables our students to learn academic independence needed in a college setting.