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Challenging our Students Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Activities and Athletics are an integral part of learning and life experience at San Pedro Valley Academy (SPVA). It is our desire to facilitate our students in discovering or honing their physical capabilities by allowing them several appropriate opportunities to express their physical interest and talents by means of well crafted, challenging, safe and supervised physical activities and athletics.

Physical Education (PE), and Health & Nutrition The PE & Health program at SPVA was developed in accordance with the National and Arizona Department of Education, Health Education and Physical Education Standards. Addressing the needs for students of today to understand and employ a variety of health education and physical education strategies in multiple contextual situations, pertaining to a well-balanced life. With the end state of helping students determine personal beliefs that support healthy behaviors, and group norms, that value a healthy lifestyle, while developing the essential skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors, in their personal, family, and community lives. Each student is afforded the opportunity to participate in organized PE and health instruction each sixteen week semester, allowing them to accumulate one full credit in a year's time, towards their high school graduation.

The Physical Fitness and Activities programs may include:

o Weight Training and Cardiovascular Training
SPVA encourages students and staff to take advantage of the fitness equipment and weight room, and are given instructions on how to utilize the equipment and establish a workout routine to support their physical strength and conditioning goals towards a balanced healthy life.
o On Site Basketball Court & Soccer Field
The campus has a full size regulation basketball court and Soccer field. Our students have developed a solid reputation of competing in local basketball tournaments and are making a name for the SPVA basketball team.
o Tennis, Golf, Rock Climbing etc.
SPVA has a putting green and driving nets, to support the young golfing enthusiast. The students are provided an opportunity to visit the local rock climbing gym, and challenge themselves to the several rock climbing faces and routs.
o Meditation and Yoga
The campus supports a mindfulness program that allows students to explore the restful and replenishing qualities of meditation. The students may be able to take part in a guided yoga session to incorporate and support their muscle flexibility, conditioning and strength.
o Self-defense and Martial Arts
If a student has the interest and demonstrates the physical, and mental aptitude, and emotional maturity they may request and possibly be allowed to participate in martial arts training.
o Horsemanship
SPVA has a horsemanship program second to none. Students will learn all aspects of equestrian care and horsemanship, while being afforded the opportunity to participate in cattle drives, gymkhana events and volunteer to share these new skills with local disadvantaged and handicapped children.
o Training for Half and Full Marathons
Our running club has participated in several 5ks, half marathons and full marathons, as well as supported several of the professional marathons and running events in the local community.
o Nutritional Education
PE and Nutrition go hand in hand. While learning to develop fundamental and specific movement skills, students will also develop basic knowledge of nutrition, diet, and how they affect the body to support overall individual and collective healthy habits.
o Culinary Arts Courses and Instruction in Healthy Food Preparation
Students have the opportunity to participate in a culinary arts program of instruction that will allow them to accumulate 100 hours of Sous chef certification.
o Wilderness Expeditions, Hikes and Recreational Therapy Programs
Students will be given the opportunity to participate in several activities to be involved in that allow them to interact and appreciate the natural outdoors. Arizona's most spectacular being our traditional “Havasupi” Grand Canyon trip. This trip involves a 10 mile hike descending 1000ft and finishing in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the Havasupi Village and falls.
o Peer to Peer and Structured Physical Education
SPVA encourages healthy competition and intramural sports. Seasonal intramurals will be conducted weekly on the SPVA campus allowing students to pit wits and abilities against one another in the pursuit of developing life skills and values, like integrity, perseverance, sacrifice, respect, and responsibility, that equate to true sportsmanship.
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